Baseus Lite Series Ethernet Adapter Type-C to RJ45 LAN Port (1000Mbps)

1. Input interface: USB A/Type C
2. Working voltage: 5V
3. Working current: less than 150mA
4. Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55 degrees Celsius
5. Support system: Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Vista system
6. Stable network, plug and play
7. Transmission speed: 1000Mbps max, backward compatible with 100Mbps, 10Mbps



Buy Baseus Lite Series Ethernet Adapter Type-C to RJ45 LAN Port (1000Mbps) Black available at mybrandstore.pk

Durable with No Overheating

Aluminium alloy casing, excellent heat dissipation

for stable operation.

RJ45 LAN Port

Applicable to Gigabit

Wired Network

Smooth and stable connection for Switch.

*Up to 1,000Mbps transmission speed, downward compatible with 10-100Mbps.

Compatible with AppleBook, Surfing with No Limits

USB-A/Type-C port to LAN port for wired network and stable connection.

Signal’s Stable

Compatible with Mi Box

Stable signals for a smooth viewing experience with

Mi Box 3/4/4c

Fast Connection

Supports Campus Networks Much

Faster than Wi-Fi

Supports campus networks for faster connection.

Extended Port

A Backup for

Damaged LAN Port

Plug-and-play Ethernet adapter.

Powerful Chip with

Lower Latency

A High-speed Expansion Chip offers stable and

uninterrupted connection

Compact & Portable

20cm Braided Cable, Space-saving and easy

to carry Around.

Unique Light Indicator

A ring of white lights up when operating.

High Compatibility, Plug and Play

Plug and play for multiple operating systems, like Windows, Apple OS, Linux and Vista.
Drive-free installation for Win8-Win11 systems
*XP and other systems need to install a driver, please contact customer service or download the driver on the official website.


Compatible with Multiple Devices
USB-A Port Version
Type-C Port Version

Applicable to

Computers with

USB-A/Type-c Ports





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